Data Centre

The data centre has become the heart of the IT department and moving forward will become the pivot for all other strategy. A suitable data centre solution can lead to a massive reduction in cost and improvements in application performance. This can also lead to a highly satisfied workforce with the access to the right "always-on" applications.

At Mavoda our organisational focus is on 10GB and 100GB networking and convergence 2.0. We are at the forefront of data centre technology helping our customers leverage the power of Cloud Computing.

Mavoda brings an innovative approach to building and designing the modern data centre. We use pioneering technologies such as low-latency top-of-rack switching as well as data centre bridging (DCB) and lossless Ethernet (TRILL)

Our data centre connectivity and hosting services can meet your changing business demand. We have the commercial and operational flexibility that enable us scale up and down across all levels of availability.

Data Centre